Patio Fire Pits

Patio Fire Pits

Patio Fire Pits

Look no further. We have done all of the work for you to bring you a great selection of the many types of patio fire pits available.

Patio Fire Pits

If you are considering buying a patio fire pit you should consider a few important points  before making your final purchase. Here you will be able to find suppliers of a vast range of outdoor fire pits to suit all occasions.

Patio fire pits come in wide range of styles, types and sizes each with their own benefits. If you take
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into account your lifestyle before purchasing you will ensure that you end up with the one that best suits your needs. One of the first things you should think about it the fuel type that you would like.

Wood Burning Fire Pits
If you are after the authentic bonfire type experience you can’t go past a wood burning fire pit and it is still the most common fuel type used in outdoor fire pits. Some of the most popular wood burning fire pits are the cast iron chiminea and the clay chiminea. It takes a bit of skill to get a wood fire going well but if you make the effort the result is wonderful.  If, however, you like instant heat a wood fueled fire pit might not be the best choice for you.

Charcoal Fire pits
You can fuel charcoal fire pits with either formed briquettes or lump style charcoal. This fuel has very little flame but gives off quite intense heat making it suitable for cooking and grilling. As with the wood burning fire pits you must light it and wait for the charcoal to catch and burn before you can reap the benefits of it.

Natural Gas Fire Pits
These are connected to your home gas line just as your indoor fireplace would be and they offer the same convenience of instant safe heating with little maintenance. They don’t create quite the same ambiance as a wood burning fireplace however modern technology and design will give you many options that will come close.

Propane Fire Pits
These are similar to natural gas fire pits with the difference being that instead of being connected to your gas line the propane comes in tanks just like your barbecue grill. It is good to keep two tanks so that you don’t get caught if one runs out unexpectedly. They can be refilled at your local hardware or gas station.

Once you have decided on the type  fuel source for your outdoor fire pit you can start reviewing how and where you would like to use it. Many people these days are opting for outdoor fireplace kits which give them the total flexibility of a purpose built outdoor fireplace that is both functional and a design statement.

In addition to the vast range of patio fire pits designed for domestic use you may also want to consider a portable fire pit if you enjoy picnics and camping but always check if fire bans are in place before going. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing there is nothing quite like relaxing by an outdoor fireplace.